What is Hammer & Grind?


Hammer & Grind is a community built for contractors who are on a journey to self-mastery. It’s a movement, unlike anything that's been done before. Contractors helping contractors, peers helping peers. If you're not part of this movement you might be one of the 96% left behind.


What's the 96%? That's the number of construction businesses that will fail in the first 10 years.


Being a contractor is hard freaking work. Many of you will fail.... That's the cold hard truth. Some of you will fail because of ego. Some will fail from burnout on the crazy cycle. Some of you will fail because you don't understand profit or cash flow. Some of you will fail because of drug or alcohol addictions. If that's not bad enough, after you fail, some of you will end up divorced or bankrupt. Even after all of that, many of you will end up with just broken bodies and broken dreams.


It doesn’t have to be this way….There is hope…. There is a better way….. Let us guide you to become one the 4%. Let us show you how to be one of the 4% of construction companies that dominate in their business AND their personal lives. More time with family, more financial freedom, more wins!!


There's a common saying for those who join the community…. when they look back at how they used to do things, they say “I can't believe I used to run my business that way."


Will you continue on the path to 96% or will you choose to be one of the 4%?


Some of you will think “what if this doesn't work for me?”

To that I say “what if it's the best decision you ever make? “

Construction Companies That Leveled Up With Hammer & Grind