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How Duncan Went From Living In The Crazy Cycle To Adding
An Extra $130k In Easy Profits In Less Than 4 Months

He stopped doing free estimates, started charging more, and got his life back by building a business that didn’t burn to the ground without him.

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During this brief video case study, you’ll discover the FIVE little-known secrets to becoming a chaos-proof contractor while easily increasing your bottom line revenue.


  • Secret #1: How to confidently charge premium prices that clients are happy to pay.


Duncan simply wasn't charging enough (and neither are most contractors).


  • Secret #2: How to stop doing that suck the time right out of your work week.


When Duncan stopped doing free estimates, he had more time to work on his business (and got better quality customers too).


  • Secret #3: The systems and processes to unlock consistent, predictable jobs.


This isn't some crazy voodoo magic, and it doesn’t have to be. Duncan got access to the ‘right information’ and suddenly his business started running smoothly without him.


  • Secret #4: How to get out of the Crazy Cycle and on to the Profit Cycle.


The Crazy Cycle is what causes Contractors to burn out in their business and quit or be forced to quit. By avoiding it completely, Duncan was able to ensure the best chance of long term profit and success.


  • Secret #5: The real reason 96% of all contractors fail.


Once Duncan understood this concept, he was able to quickly and easily change his business forever.

Some Of Our Successful Contractors

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How It Works

  • First we take a look at your numbers and make sure you're charging enough (you're probably not)

  • Next we create a 90 day plan to get your business jump started

  • We set you up with KPI's, training videos, and discounts on software

  • We connect you with a community of awesome Contractors who want you to win

  • Then we support you for the next 12 months to make sure you get the results you deserve


What You Get

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