What is Hammer & Grind?


Meet Brad Huebner, "The Hammer", and Eric Triplett, "The Grind" - Hosts of Hammer and Grind, The Podcast Built by Contractors. Real Contractors, True Stories, Real Solutions.


You’ll quickly realize that Brad and Eric don’t really like each other much of the time. Proof that opposites attract, you won’t find a dynamic quite like what you will find between Brad and Eric.


The Journey to Self-Mastery is filled with successes and failures. Learn, benefit, and grow from the stories, interviews, and experiences featured on the Hammer & Grind Podcast.

The Tools Of The Trade is a free resource of what Brad & Eric use in their own businesses.


The Profit Club was created to establish a community of like-minded contractors to provide valuable knowledge and experiences and to help each other be successful in their business. One thing is for certain, they are dedicated to their contractor family and you won't find another place quite like The Profit Club.