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How It Works

  • First we take a look at your numbers and make sure you're charging enough (you're probably not)

  • Next we create a 90 day plan to get your business jump started

  • We set you up with KPI's, training videos, and discounts on software

  • We connect you with a community of awesome Contractors who want you to win

  • Then we support you for the next 12 months to make sure you get the results you deserve


What You Get

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I'm so confident that we can get you results that I have a 10x ROI Guarantee


Construction Companies That Leveled Up With The Profit Club

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Brad Huebner

is a resident of Southern Indiana. After high school, he joined the Marines and served as an Infantryman for 4 years. He will tell you "The Marines taught me almost everything I know about leadership, grit, and determination".

After leaving the Marines and several jobs later, He found himself working in construction. After 3 short years, He decided to start his own business. His business specializes in high end Handyman and Residential Remodeling. 

He still owns and operates his business and is in the 11th year now. Brad is dedicated to helping other Contractors get off of the crazy cycle that he was on for so many years. For him, this podcast is a combination of his desire to never stop learning and his passion for helping others.


Brad is also very involved in competition shooting sports including IDPA and USPSA and has competed at all levels including World Championships finishing in the top 10 in his division.