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Tools of the Trade

The Top 10 List of everything


The E-Myth Revisited

By Michael Gerber

This should be the first book anyone reads. Most people get it entrepreneurship wrong.



By Carol Dweck

Learn the difference between Fixed and Growth Mindsets and why this could by holding you back.


The Dichotomy of Leadership

By Jocko Willink

A continuation of Extreme Ownership and a deep dive into what it looks like in real life.


They Ask, You Answer

By Marcus Sheridan

If you want to become the authority in your business and in your area. This book will blow your mind.


Never Split the Difference

By Chris Voss

One of the books on our Profit Sales System is based on. The perfect book on negotiation and communication.


Profit First

by Mike Michalowicz

Helps you run your business so you get paid first.


Extreme Ownership

By Jocko Willink

Every great leader needs to understand what real ownership is. This is on my reading list for my team.


Flash Foresight

By Daniel Burrus

Learn how top businesses predict trends and solve problems before they even happen. The ultimate thinking outside the box book.


The Infinite Game

By Simon Sinek

Stop thinking small and start thinking big. Find out why Apple wants to beat itself and why Microsoft wants to beat Apple


Building a Story Brand

By Donald Miller

Learn how to tell a story with your business and get people to love your brand.



This is the CRM/Estimating software I use in my business. It has time tracking for employees, estimating, invoicing, project management, pictures, notes, you name it!


I love NiceJob. It completely automates the review gathering process. Highly recommend it!!


Bonjoro is a unique software that allows you to produce a special touch with your clients. you can send quick personal videos right to their email. It's great for minding the gap, welcoming them as a new lead and so much more. Special discount for Hammer & Grind


Quickbooks online is what I use for my accounting. It syncs with Projul if you use that for your CRM.


The last picture-taking software you'll ever use. Seriously, this is a phenomenal app. Get two months at 50% off using this link.

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