The Profit Club

Running a construction business is hard as Hell! Trust us we know! It’s no wonder 96% of contracting businesses go out of business within 10 years.


Most of us started our business so we could take control of our time, money, life, family, and hobbies. In reality, what happens more than we like to admit, is the business takes control of us. It strips us of our time, money, life, family, hobbies and Mental HEALTH!


If you want to stay away from the 96% failure rate, you need to get out of the crazy cycle. You must embrace RUNNING your business. The problem is most contractors are craftsmen, not businessmen. You MUST understand AND track your marketing, money, job costing, expenses, sales, estimates, and so much more!


In a perfect world, you already have this all figured out. The bad news is most of us suck at this.... The good news is, it’s not too late for you to take back control of your business, time, money, health and your life!


Connecting with a Business Coach or mentor is a must.

Surrounding yourself with a group of motivated contractors is a plus. Connecting each week with them is a game changer. The contractors who make the decision to join The Profit Club are each on their own personal journey to self-mastery. Being able to connect with these champions on a daily basis can shorten your learning curve by a factor of 10.


What is The Profit Club?


The Profit Club is a private contractor business community. A place to gather knowledge, training, accountability, and inspiration.


Accountability – Studies show that you have a 65% of completing a goal simply by making a commitment to someone (or a group of peers like in The Profit Club!) and if you make a commitment to a specific accountability appointment, your chances of success go up to 95%!


The foundational core behind The Profit Club is The Profit Funnel. 

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) – The use of KPI’s is a measuring

tool to track the score of your business. Is your marketing plan working?

Where can you make improvements in the performance of your SALES?

And most importantly, is your business PROFITABLE?


Can you imagine building a house without a tape measure? We're not

saying it can’t be done, but it wouldn't make any sense to even try. Yet

contractors just like you are trying to build a business without a tape

measure. Or as we call them, KPI's. Sounds stupid doesn't it?


Marketing – With so many aspects of marketing it can become overwhelming! What works best? Social media, yard signs, direct mail, Google Pay-Per-Click, Google My Business, Truck wraps, Youtube Videos, Branding, Business cards & community outreach, the list goes on and on and on. The Profit Club offers direction and feedback. The ability to communicate and share both marketing & branding experiences with dynamic contractors!


Sales Training – Make no mistake about it, sales done well can correct most issues in your business. Inside The Profit Club you have access to The Profit Sales System. A sales system designed for contractors. You have access to all training videos, weekly LIVE training, and weekly coaching calls.


Learning the art of how to communicate with your customers will change your life. Control objections, lean into awkward moments, and talk about money with confidence. This is what you get with The Profit Sales System along with so much more. This powerful training is transforming contractors' businesses and lives!


You can see your future in the people you surround yourself with. Are you the smartest person in the room, are you where you need to be? One of the most valuable opportunities in The Profit Club is being surrounded by champions. These champions are all working towards AND dominating in life and in their Contracting Businesses!


Your competitors aren’t working on themselves! The time is now. Stop living an average life. Stop making excuses for your business. DOMINATE your business by clicking that button and watch this short video we put together to help contractors avoid the 96% failure rate.