The Profit Club

You work 10 hours a day on the job and then come home, have a quiet dinner with the family, then it's back to the office (probably your garage or basement) to work on estimates and invoices for another 3 hours. Then you get up again the next morning and rinse and repeat. 

5 years later, nothing has changed except you missed your son's baseball games or your daughter's dance recitals because, you know, I HAVE to get these estimates done tonight. 

Sound familiar?

I (Brad) did the same thing, except I did it for 8 years instead of 5. Yeah, that's what you get when you cross grit with ignorance. A whole lot of pain.

Eric and I met in another contractor group and he quickly developed a man-crush on me. The Bromance developed into regular calls talking about business, sales, marketing, and even things I can't mention here.


That's when it hit us like a ton of bricks, we HAVE to start our own group so we can share what we've learned and in a way that made sense to as many contractors as possible.


This is why we started The Profit Club. A place where contractors who are on a journey to self-mastery could go and meet and learn from other peers as well as guided instruction from us.

In this group, we focus on 3 things....


(The Profit Sales System)


Your Numbers

(the nerd stuff we all hate)

By now you're probably asking yourself, what can these two clowns teach me? To that we say, if you are humble enough, you should be able to get a 10x return on your investment in the first month. And that's barely even trying.

Look at what Kristen had to say about The Profit Club.

"I  need to take a second to thank both of you for walking me through what 50% GP actually looks like. 

Even though I am just at the tip of the iceberg of understanding this I am leaps and bounds ahead of where I was this morning. You guys gave me a huge push forward today for taking your time to explain something that I have wondered about for a long time.

Now I actually know what our overhead cost is and can WAY better bid our upcoming work. 🤩

You guys are absolutely going to kill it with the profit club and are going to change so many lives because of your willingness to walk beside people ( including some crazy girl like me) to help and guide and encourage. I'm thankful for you both."

Using just the Profit Sales System alone have saved us both over 10 hours a week while increasing our close rate and our gross profit! 

We know, we know.....this all sounds too good to be true. All we can say is what's the worst that can happen if you don't change anything? You can always go back to working 15 hour days and missing out on your family life.

The decision is yours and it's a tough one. We get it.

Do you take the blue pill and stay broke and miserable?


Do you take the red pill and start to change your life?

We can't wait to welcome you into The Profit Club family.