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"People can take a lot of things away from you but they can never take your integrity."

Brad Huebner

is a resident of Southern Indiana. After high school, he joined the Marines and served as an Infantryman for 4 years. He will tell you "The Marines taught me almost everything I know about leadership, grit, and determination".

After leaving the Marines and several jobs later, He found himself working in construction. After 3 short years, He decided to start his own business and Team Handy was born. They specialize in Handyman and Residential Remodeling.

He still owns and operates his business and is in the 11th year now. Brad is a regular contributor in many coaching forums focused on helping contractors with everything from sales to operations. For him, this podcast is a combination of his desire to never stop learning and his passion for helping others.


Brad is also very involved in competition shooting sports including IDPA and USPSA and has competed at all levels including World Championships finishing in the top 10 in his division. 

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